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Smart Pet Door

Smart Pet Door | Red Dot Design Award

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Dirt, bugs and fleas tend to get on pets when they are taken out for a walk. Smart Pet Door removes these allergens when pets enter the house to ensure the living environment is always clean and allergen-free. The door can also identify the house pets via an implanted chip to keep out other animals or strays. This is important to protect the health of house pets and the cleanliness of the house. A user simply has to supplement the Smart Pet Door with essential oil regularly. Dripping a few drops of essential oil in the hole is enough for the oil to flow into every single brush hair of the tube. The natural essential oil is harmless to the health of pets even if pets happen to lick it. Prescribed drugs can also replace the oil. When a pet enters the house, the double-layer brush with essential oil would brush over the hair and skin of the pet. The pet is then further vacuumed to minimise the allergens that they bring into the home.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Cheng Nien Chun, Taiwan