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Snake Venom Emergency Pen

Snake Venom Emergency Pen | Red Dot Design Award

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This outdoor Snake Venom Emergency Pen comes with a tourniquet wrapped around the pen body, a 0.3% medical H₂O₂ inside the pen, a knife on the lid, and a venom extractor made with polypropylene material. The pen is packaged in a way that is easy to carry around and readily operated with a single hand. The back of the cap functions like a toothpaste cap – it can be used to puncture the tinfoil to release the H₂O₂, which is needed to clean wounds and break the venom. To use, simply remove any interfering objects from the wounded limb and try to keep still to slow the spread of the venom, especially if the wounded limb is below the heart. Then, use the tourniquet (a constricting device) above the wound to reduce the venom reflux – the larger the dressing area, the better. Now, wash the wound with H₂O₂. Use a sterilised knife to cut the skin between the two teeth marks and prick the skin in several grain-sized holes near the wound to release the venom. Continue to constrict above the wound for 20 minutes. Lastly, put the venom extractor on the wound to absorb the venom, and this simple first-aid procedure is done.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Geng Yuncheng, China