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Socorram-me, subi no ônibus em Marrocos

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With this art book, the Brazilian company Rona Publishing set out to promote its comprehensive service portfolio. In order to convey the vivid dialogue between art, print and design, the book compiles projects from a wide range of areas, each in a differentiated format and featuring distinct finishes and paper types to further underscore the diversity of services. The Portuguese title “Socorram-me, subi no ônibus em Marrocos” is a palindrome, which means that the words or expressions can be read from both left to right and right to left.

  • Client:
    Rona Editora, Belo Horizonte
  • Design:
    Greco Design, Belo Horizonte
  • creative direction:
    Gustavo Greco
  • graphic design:
    Zumberto, Tidé, Fernanda Monte Mor, Ricardo Donato, Leonardo Rosário, Ana Luiza Gomes, Lorena Marinho, Diego Belo, Bruno Nunes
  • collaboration:
    Alexandre Amaro, Jô Vasconcellos, Designlândia, Eduardo de Jesus, Guilherme Araújo, Hugo Werner, LAB Design, Lúcia Nemer, Marcelo Drummond, Marina Cota, Martuse Fornaciari, Rachel Murta, Renata Alencar, Ronaldo Fraga, Wéber Pádua
  • account management:
    Flávia Siqueira, Laura Scofield, Victor Fernandes
  • production:
    Alexandre Fonseca, Vanessa Nakashima, Allan Alves, Dani Pires