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Soirée graphique 2012

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For the fifth rendition of “Soirée graphique”, a graphic design exhibition and a platform for creative people in different areas of the visual arts, 28 graphic designers created unique art posters, which were then reinterpreted in works by more than 60 artists. On 180 pages, this book compiles all of these works, contrasting the originals with their reinterpretations. The result is a collection of outstanding and surprising pieces from the fields of graphic design, visual arts, illustration and photography.

  • Client:
    Soirée graphique
  • Design:
    KOMET Werbeagentur AG BSW, Bern
  • head of marketing:
    Gabriela Fust
  • art direction:
    Roland Zenger
  • concept:
    Thom Pfister
  • text:
    Isabella Jungo, Antonia Bekiaris
  • photography:
    Tamara Janes
  • printing:
    Ast & Fischer AG