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Solar Blind

Solar Blind | Red Dot Design Award

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With solar cells attached to each slat on the blind, Solar Blind is more than just an ordinary interior sunshade – it multitasks to store and convert solar energy into electrical power. Since it is difficult to install solar panels on roofs for private use in an urban environment, Solar Blind only requires a window to absorb solar energy and generate power. It is a flexible solar power system that can be used in homes, small spaces and even in small shops to provide charging point service for electronic devices. Solar Blind is designed with a power cord for pulling up and letting down the blinds. At one end of the power cord is a power outlet, and at the other hand is a USB hub with two ports. When the blind is drawn up, the power cord comes down so that the power outlet and USB hub can be used to power or charge low-energy-consuming electronic devices.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Hwang Ki Nam, Lee Sang Jun, Lee Danbee, Park Yonghwa, South Korea