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SOUL kitchen

SOUL kitchen | Red Dot Design Award

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SOUL Kitchen is an open kitchen system with detachable units that allows one to transform the kitchen into any space of choice. Combining aesthetic pleasure with comfort, various lifestyles can be easily showcased. The combination of units, different lighting ideas, ergonomics, environmental considerations and high quality built makes spending time in the kitchen more enjoyable. The design of SOUL Kitchen operates on the principle of “nothing more” without sacrificing on functionality. All within a single kitchen, one can create a combination of units or separate them into groups according to the preference of each family member. With this total kitchen concept, individuality can be maximised. Since starting from a clean slate is always possible, one can also change the spatial interpretation of the kitchen as his or her life philosophy evolves. The lighting ideas behind SOUL Kitchen aim to create a new visual image that separates it from the standard utilitarian interpretation of a kitchen. The front lighting creates a unique visual effect, while the luminous panel provides comfort in usage and an incredible “inner glow” by lighting up overhead units. Each element is filled with light and the contents of the kitchen are emphasised elegantly. ​The variety of kitchen units allows each owner to select the optimal combination according to needs. Starting with a base unit (a self-contained design element), built-in kitchen functions such as storage shelves, refrigerator, appliances or a multifunctional cooking island with a unique transformation system can be added. Furthermore, options for small storage solutions are also available to provide a place for every utensil, spice, wine, plant, gadget, culinary literature and other kitchen items. The world around us is constantly changing and we are transforming our spaces easily, taking pleasure in adding new features and facilities. The idea of the perfect kitchen reflects the individuality of each master. As such, the philosophy of SOUL Kitchen revolves around the “owner” and sits at the intersection between outer and inner beauty.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design Studio:
    SVOYA studio, Ukraine
  • Team Lead:
    Denis Sokolov
  • Design:
    Anton Sokolov, Tanya Lazovaya, Juliya Martynenko, Artem Martynenko, Lera Sokolova
SOUL kitchen | Red Dot Design Award