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Space Dot One

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The signage system for the headquarters of Daum Communications, a building called Space Dot One in Jeju, Korea, illustrates the corporate philosophy of sustainability while simultaneously underlining the architectural individuality of the building. Another objective of this signage approach was to facilitate efficient communication between the binary workplaces and to gain the trust of the public. The concept focuses on a story that is based on the metaphorical motif of a thread, which also reflects the aspect of sustainability. The complex relationship between human, company and public is represented by an association of canvas and dot, with the thread as the central connecting medium.

  • Client:
    Daum Communications, Jeju/Seoul
  • Design:
    Daum Communications, Jeju/Seoul
  • creative direction:
    Lee June Hyeong
  • lead design:
    Baek Seung Wan
  • graphic design/illustration:
    Bae Soo Hyun
  • head of design:
    Kim Mi Yeon
  • photography:
    Kim Young Soo