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SPACElite II | Red Dot Design Award

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SPACElite II is an ultra-light aircraft seat that ensures comfort and utility while keeping up with airline’s weight requirements and ease of maintenance. The lightweight feature ensures lesser fuel consumption for the aircraft. The seats also have multifunctional components that make for lesser parts and an efficient assembly process. All these features make SPACElite II 20% lighter than conventional seats and enhance travelling experience. Crafted with utmost precision, the seat cushions enhance the comfort levels of the traveller. After several ergonomic workshops and pressure mapping exercises, SPACElite II has the most comfortable cushions. The distinctive winged seatback cushions and the specific foam composition of the bottom cushion warrant for maximum traveller comfort. The integrated bottom cushion combines load bearing components with the comfort components. Made as a single piece, the integrated cushion reduces the assembly and maintenance time drastically. In addition, the composite seatback is robust yet simple and modular. The back of the seat is customisable to be an amenities pocket, a personal device holder or an advertisement panel. This gives the airlines the freedom to design their own seat and serve their passengers best. SPACElite II aims to add value to airlines without sacrificing on passenger experiences.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    ST Engineering Aerospace Seats Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Design Lead:
    Kaji Masato
  • Design:
    Chong Yong Qi, Dishi Gautam, Jonathan Ow, Sze Swai Ming, Tan Kian Sing, Yoshimura Tomoyuki, Joel Wong, Soffiah Yusoff
SPACElite II | Red Dot Design Award