Red Dot Design Award
Food Packaging, Visual Identity

Special K

Special K | Red Dot Design Award

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Special K is one of Kellogg’s most established cereal brands, first launched in the USA in 1955. The sales of branded cereals have been in decline due to their decreasing relevance for today’s female consumers. A redesign of the brand re-established Special K as a modern food brand for women who want to eat nutritious foods rather than count calories. In line with the redesigned logo, the new packaging design focuses on the depiction of the healthy ingredients.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Account Management:
    Isabelle Erixon
  • Client:
    Kellogg’s, USA
  • Design:
    Turner Duckworth, London/San Francisco/New York, United Kingdom/USA
  • Graphic Design:
    Jessie Froggett
  • Creative Direction:
    Paula Talford
  • Head of Design:
    David Turner, Bruce Duckworth
  • Implementation:
    Charlotte Barres
Special K | Red Dot Design Award