Red Dot Design Award

Specialized Kitchen Air Purifier

Specialized Kitchen Air Purifier | Red Dot Design Award

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The main source of air contamination in homes comes from cooking, but ordinary air purifiers aren't recommended for use in kitchens because oil and moisture stuck to the filter will choke up the filter and generate a constant odour. The Specialized Kitchen Air Purifier compensates for these deficiencies with a dual filter system. It includes a disposable pre-filter that can be rolled out to catch oil and moisture before the main HEPA filter does. It removes ordinary dust and odour from cooking fumes before the air is further purified by the main filter. The pre-filter comes in a roll incorporated into the whole filter system. To use, pull on the roll and tear along the cut line. The user can easily change out a used pre-filter to a clean one, thus providing consistently effective removal of contaminants. Throwing used pre-filters away also ensures bacteria, microorganisms and odours don't stay in the house. When the Specialized Kitchen Air Purifier placed in the kitchen senses cooking fumes, it automatically sends out a signal and connects to other air purifiers in the other nearest rooms. This prevents rapid contamination of indoor spaces that are located near the kitchen. This kitchen purifier has a cylindrical design for installation in various kitchens. It is designed to be attached to walls, placed below upper cabinets, or left standing on the sink near other kitchen appliances. It's easy to customise its installation position to purify any kitchen environment most efficiently.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Coway Co.Ltd.,, South Korea
  • Team Lead:
    Kyung Miyeon
  • Design:
    Jeon Jungjae
Specialized Kitchen Air Purifier | Red Dot Design Award