Hyperspectral Camera

Specim IQ

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With the portable Specim IQ hyperspectral camera, various kinds of material can be analysed at any location within just a few seconds. It is ideally suited for fields like food safety, recycling, health or forestry. As one of the first of its kind, the camera offers elaborate technology in a user-friendly form, thus meeting a basic requirement on the market with regard to portability, convenience and quick analysis. The camera weighs only 1.3 kg, includes a rechargeable battery and can be personalised through apps. The result of an analysis is immediately displayed on its screen so that the user is provided with the information needed to make decisions on the spot.

Statement by the Jury

This high-tech camera enables material analysis even for the layman. It also features a plain and discreet design, thus considerably reducing reservations on the part of the user.

  • Manufacturer:
    Specim, Oulu, Finland
  • In-house design:
    Jouni Jussila
  • Design:
    Haltian Tuomo Kalajanniska Oulu, Finland Caasidesign, Mikael Heikkilä, Oulu, Finland