Red Dot Design Award

Speel je toekomst Play your future

Speel je toekomst Play your future | Red Dot Design Award

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The online platform was the heart of a campaign to create more awareness of the fact that the leading provider of life insurance and investment prod-ucts makes people financially knowledgeable. It gives users a playful insight into the future by demonstrating how certain events might affect their lives. An advanced calculator application allows users to literally look into their future and get a realistic idea of their financial situation in future, and to subsequently play around with it by changing parameters. For a personal forecast, users only have to submit a few simple details such as age, family status, as well as expenses and details about living and leisure. A cheerful character guides users through the process and gives tips and badges for reaching milestones. The clear arrangement and comic-like design of the platform not only facilitates users to precisely overview their future financial possibilities, it also presents a supposedly dry subject in such a way that it becomes fun and arouses interest.

Statement by the Jury

The online platform manages to tell stories by following a highly interesting approach. Thanks to its interactive features, it allows users to change the story and thus decide on the best personal solution. By making optimal use of the digital medium, the complex topic is visualised in a clear and easy-to-understand manner and thus be-comes more transparent.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
  • Design:
  • concept:
    THEY Momkai
  • calculations:
  • character animation:
    Comic House
  • game design:
Speel je toekomst Play your future | Red Dot Design Award
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