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In 2012, Aegon introduced the online platform to give its users and clients a playful insight into their future and how certain life events may affect it. Based on advanced calculation algorithms, it is possible to literally foresee the future, provide a reliable projection of the user’s financial life path and to alter it in a playful manner by changing parameters. The main goal of the campaign was to contribute to Aegon’s brand recognition by promoting Aegon as a provider of life insurance and investment products who makes people financially aware. Only a few simple questions and personal details, including age, family status and living and leisure expenses, need to be answered and provided by users to get a fully informed overview of their financial future. Featuring a striking interface design with a subtle and uniform colour scheme, the entire user guidance is fully animated using JavaScript to offer an engaging experience across all platforms. In addition, a set of custom illustrations was created to portray transportation, housing and leisure.

Statement by the Jury

The platform simulates the lives of customers, who want to take control of their future financial situation, via a simple application that calculates the data and outputs an easy-to-understand projection. An otherwise rather dull topic is thus illustrated in an approach that makes it fun for users to interact with.

  • Client:
  • Design:
  • concept:
    THEY Momkai
  • calculations:
  • character animation:
    Comic House
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