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Running Jacket

SphereWind 4.0 Run Jacket

SphereWind 4.0 Run Jacket | Red Dot Design Award

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The SphereWind 4.0 Run Jacket with ­patented ThermoSyphon technology supports natural thermodynamics in sweat management and improves the thermo­regulation. The sleeves have been made more ergonomic: they do without underarm seams, have been preset as running sleeves and boast new cuffs that also support ventilation and are very comfortable. A newly developed, weatherproof air outlet on the neck allows excess warm air to escape without draughts.

Statement by the Jury

With its ergonomic design and ideal ­thermodynamics, the SphereWind 4.0 Run Jacket meets the high demands of modern functional clothing.

Red Dot Design Award