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The sportcast app combines the convenience of watching sports on the go via a smartphone with the joy and excitement of a public sports bar. Users can share their feelings while watching a game, using standardised symbols like smiley faces or the thumbs down icon. Once the click count exceeds a certain threshold, an animation will be displayed on the user’s device, spreading the emotion of other fans. In addition, users can combine their smartphones to create a bigger screen. With its clear blue-and-grey design and its cut-and-dried navigation, this feature-laden app is easy to use.

  • Client:
    SportCast, Taipei
  • Design:
    JamZoo Inc., Taipei
  • director:
    Chuang Scott
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Chiu Sheng-Yu
  • concept/film direction:
    Chang Chu Ting
  • animation/motion design:
    Lin Hsuan Yi
  • final artwork:
    Chang Chu Ting
  • production:
    Jay Chang
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