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Sprechendes Wasser

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“Sprechendes Wasser” combines the ideas and stories of two poets, one Swiss and one Japanese, into a chain poem. The design aims to introduce readers less familiar with poetry to this literary form. To this aim, the book uses the tactile possibilities of materials and finishing options and thus systematically guides readers in the bilingual German-Japanese dialogue. The printed inner pages of the Japanese binding foster the emergence of unique patterns, which creates a combination of the upper surface and the background. The seamless weaving of the pages reinforces the idea of the content as a chain poem. The double cover shifts from portrait to landscape format, which illustrates the dialogue between Western and Eastern ways of thinking and writing.

  • Client:
    Secession Verlag für Literatur GmbH, Berlin
  • Design:
    Kochan & Partner, Munich
  • text:
    Benedikt Bäumler
  • concept/graphic design: