Red Dot Design Award

SRS-Portable Pneumatic Float Bridge

SRS-Portable Pneumatic Float Bridge | Red Dot Design Award

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When rescuing a victim who has fallen in a crevasse, time is of the essence because the longer the rescue takes, the thinner the ice gets and the more hazardous the rescue becomes. The SRS-Portable Pneumatic Float Bridge is highly transportable and increases the efficiency of a rescue mission. When unfolding the bridge, a ballonet quickly inflates to speed up the process, allowing rescuers to reach victims within a few minutes. Simply slide the SRS inflatable pontoon in a linear direction, pull the ignitor, and the SRS control system will ignite a gas generating device, thus getting into rescue action in no time. Using junctions to connect and bridge the rescue distance, rescuers can reach the victims expeditiously.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Qinhuangdao i-TAOQI Industrial Design Co.,Ltd., China
  • Team Lead:
    Cheng Wei
  • Design:
    Ji Chen, Lv Jiaxin, Prof. Wang Nianwen, Wang Xiyu, Xu Li
  • Design partner:
    Yanshan University, China
SRS-Portable Pneumatic Float Bridge | Red Dot Design Award