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Stadtfuchs | Red Dot Design Award

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Urban all-rounder

In the wake of new urban traffic scenarios, the bicycle has increasingly taken centre stage for the versatile possibilities it offers. Designed for unhindered use in the city, the Stadtfuchs (“city fox”) is an “all-rounder and perfect associate to take on all obstacles of the urban jungle”. The design of its steel frame has been adapted to the often rapidly changing conditions in urban traffic, blending ergonomics, functionality and safety into a unity. The result is a novel elastic rear suspension that enables the bike to dampen bumps, benefiting the user’s riding comfort. The seamlessly integrated LED light system is powered by a self-contacting hub dynamo to adequately illuminate the way at night. Moreover, this bike also features a smart GPS tracking system that protects against theft and allows users to locate the bike at any time. Equipped with a low-maintenance belt drive and an 11-speed hub gear, the bike speeds up silently at a fast pace, while the hydraulic braking system ensures proper braking force. The Stadtfuchs is functionally well-thought-out with technically sophisticated details, such as an internal cable routing and an integrated seat clamp. Entirely developed and manufactured locally in Germany, the bike’s steel frame embodies a further expression of environmentally friendly mobility.

Statement by the Jury

The stylish design of this bike perfectly integrates all the elements one would expect from a high-quality urban bike. Its appealing proportions give it a timeless and at the same time very modern look. The innovative construction of the elastic rear-wheel suspension makes this bike safe and comfortable to ride. Its outstanding features including the smart GPS tracking system and integrated LED lighting truly enrich everyday life.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Urwahn Engineering GmbH, Magdeburg, Germany
  • In-house design:
    Urwahn Engineering GmbH
Stadtfuchs | Red Dot Design Award
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