Corporate Design

Städtische Bühnen Münster

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The logo of the Städtische Bühnen Münster is derived from the theatre building itself, which has its roots in both the 1950s and 1970s. This is visualised by two different fonts overlaying one another, their offset positioning recalling the balconies while also reminiscent of a stage and a curtain. Focusing on typography, this design approach characterises the entire corporate design: a type pool of four different fonts corresponds to the four different categories, thus conveying the individuality of seating.

  • Client:
    Fachhochschule Trier / University of Applied Sciences Trier supervising professor Prof. Andreas Hogan
  • Design:
    Tobias Baggemann, Münster
  • photography:
    Michael Hörnschemeyer (Musiktheater, Kinder- und Jugendtheater, Niederdeutsche Bühne), Volker Beinhorn (Schauspiel), Matthias Zölle (Tanztheater), Wolfgang Türk (Städtische Bühnen Münster)