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The constant development of modern work environments often entails rapid changes in requirements with regard to workplace concepts. Stand Up is marked by a perfectly thought-out functionality that allows it to easily adjust to changes in workplace scenarios. It centres on the idea of creating an office desk for daily use that facilitates a healthy balance between sitting and standing. Thanks to its sophisticated design, this office desk with height-adjustable worktop guarantees quick and easy switching between different work positions. Featuring an innovative, patented mechanism, it makes the raising of the work surface an easy operation with no need for an electrical supply. Thus users can intuitively adjust and switch between different worktop heights in a matter of seconds. In an uncomplicated manner, the office desk thus adds flexibility to daily work processes and supports a healthy work posture. In addition, it also promotes lively interaction with colleagues as well as work and communication in project teams. Furthermore, the design with upholstered panels improves workplace acoustics and offers the ability to personalise settings. The office desk showcases clear and timeless aesthetics with worktop edges that do away with joints thanks to the use of laser technology. Boasting a dynamic and elegant look, the design positively facilitates everyday work processes – promoting an active and healthy work climate.

Statement by the Jury

Based on an innovative design idea, this office desk is perfectly suited to contemporary workplaces. Its work surface can be raised or lowered intuitively via a simple and self-explanatory mechanism for easy adjustment to the requirements of different work scenarios. The reduced design language and carefully crafted, high-quality finishes lend Stand Up an appearance that is both modern and elegant.

  • Manufacturer:
    Mikomax Smart Office, Lodz, Poland
  • In-house design:
    Mikomax Smart Office
  • Design:
    Tomasz Augustyniak, Poznan, Poland
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