Red Dot Design Award

starex® Luminous XM

starex® Luminous XM | Red Dot Design Award

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starex® Luminous XM does not require additional painting process, making it an eco-sustainable material. It also offers a refined and luxurious appearance for various applications. Compared to existing metallic plastics, it yields a higher level of metallic luminance. In addition, product designers and manufacturers can explore various CMF (Colour, Material & Finishing) effects exclusive to plastics, such as co-extruding starex® Luminous XM on top of a vivid coloured material, and then CNC machining the surface to form certain patterns or C-cuts. This would allow the vivid colour underneath to reveal itself in harmony with the metallic surface (no weld lines or flow marks will be visible).

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    LOTTE Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., Korea, Republic Of
  • Team Lead:
    Kahng Sookyung
  • Design:
    Kim Jaekyung, Kyoung Junhyouk
starex® Luminous XM | Red Dot Design Award