Brand Identity

State Horticultural Show Würzburg 2018

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A butterfly figure in the brand design system for the Landesgartenschau (State Horticultural Show) Würzburg 2018 represents the aspect of change. Distinctively jagged and designed in a W-shape, it is aimed at conveying and inspiring a green urban lifestyle. The adaptable design system is marked by the use of orange as a primary colour and a distinctive headline font that picks up on the style of the figurative mark. Independent of the logo, the butterfly is also used as a decorative element and employed in the form of a dynamic swarm of butterflies.

  • Client:
    Landesgartenschau Würzburg 2018 GmbH, Würzburg, Germany
  • Design:
    Poarangan Brand Design, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
  • Text:
    Nadja Mayer, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
  • Motion Design:
    Matthias Rodig, Mainz, Germany
  • Pre-Press:
    Oliver Selzer, SIGN Kommunikation, Frankfurt/Main, Germany