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steelworks | Red Dot Design Award

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Perfect performance

Weight reduction is one of the key goals in the development of new bicycle frames, with ever new materials and novel properties being invented, tested and used. The steelworks bicycle frame by thyssenkrupp is made of DP600 steel, a material which, thanks to its specific characteristics, opens up new possibilities in bicycle frame construction. This type of steel is not only highly durable, it also combines the advantages of con­ventional materials, as it can make lightweight frames like aluminium, at the same time achieve complex design shape like carbon fibre. The special organic and aerodynamic design is made possible by a modern half-shell manufacturing technique that is otherwise only used in the automotive industry. This high-precision automated laser welding technique guarantees a consistently high quality of the frame with practically invisible welds. Moreover, the handling characteristics of the bicycle are also positively influenced by this innovative steel frame. Its extreme stiffness in the bottom bracket area ensures an optimal power transmission and maximises propulsion. At the same time, the high flexibility in the seat tube and the inherent damping properties of the material provide for comfortable, fatigue-free riding. This bicycle frame thus combines the two seemingly irreconcilable properties of excellent performance and sophisticated comfort. The result are bicycles that break with convention and convince with superior performance and outstanding riding pleasure.

Statement by the Jury

This bicycle frame is made of an innovative type of steel that combines the properties of aluminium and carbon fibre. One of the latest innovations in a long tradition of competent product developments, this steel delivers new possibilities in terms of flexibility and construction. The outstanding material was combined with a bold design that lends the bicycle frame a highly impressive dynamic shape as well as exceptional performance qualities.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG, Duisburg, Germany
  • In-house design:
    Jia-Uei Chan, Andreas Keutz Ralf Stegmeyer
  • Design:
    Henning Schnurr, Göteborg, Sweden
steelworks | Red Dot Design Award
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