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Stellina | Red Dot Design Award

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Conquering new worlds

Telescopes have always had something magical about them throughout history, as the view they allow of distant worlds truly inspires the imagination. The aim of designing Stellina (Italian for “little star”) has been to refine and simplify the design of a telescope, mak-ing it easier to use and opening the doors to a wider audience. Stellina has been developed as a smart and connected device that offers a simple operation and thus user-friendly experience to discover the universe: galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, the moon or the sun. This thoughtfully designed telescope offers many innovative features that go hand in hand with modern multimedia functionality. It thus automatically finds the stars and captures pictures instantly, stacking them live on a tablet or smartphone to reveal their details and colours. The Stellina app allows users to share their pictures on social media, interact with the worldwide Stellina community or learn more about astronomy through the educational content that the app provides. Combining electronics, optics and mechanics of high precision, this manually assembled device showcases a sleek and compact design that integrates a lens and an embedded computer, as well as different motors and several sensors that allow the telescope to adapt easily to changes in its environment such as rain or humidity.

Statement by the Jury

Stellina embodies an aesthetically and functionally impressive interpretation of the traditional telescope. Its elegant design merges high-precision electronics, optics and mechanics forming a captivating unit. Following a fascinating approach, it provides the ability to easily find stars, to capture them in high-resolution images and to share one’s individual observation results with a worldwide community via the Stellina app.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Vaonis, Clapiers, France
  • Design:
    Ova Design, Ivry-sur-Seine, France
Stellina | Red Dot Design Award
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