Magazine, Communication Design

Stiesing – individualism vs. conformism


Stiesing, a traditional fashion brand from Bremen, offers elegant and stylish fashion. Its brand positioning in the men’s fashion segment is communicated by a magazine, which stands out from conventional catalogues. The magazine showcases the clothes in a sophisticated and appealing way, presenting selected topics through polarising stories. The classic tailor’s cross-stitch is used as a design element, which represents the brand’s high demand on individuality. Both the aesthetic quality and the quality of the content is reflected by the material of the catalogue. The magazine comprises four columns that are particularly relevant to the target audience.

  • Client:
    Herm. Stiesing KG, Bremen
  • Design:
    POLARWERK GmbH, Bremen
  • creative direction/ strategic planning:
    Thomas Theßeling
  • artwork:
    Christina Lohrke, Mareike Wessels
  • pre-press:
    Fatima Könning