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Storage Kitchen Toy

Storage Kitchen Toy | Red Dot Design Award

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STORAGE KITCHEN TOY is the perfect solution for the lack of storage space in a home with children. Its primary purpose is a children's kitchen play toy set, but it is also easily stored in a nesting manner not unlike Russian matryoshka dolls. Basic role-playing suites for children usually occupy a lot of space at home. However, this product is designed in a system such that a smaller box or part of the set can be stored within a larger box in succession. Unlike other life-sized toys on the market, everything in a STORAGE KITCHEN TOY set organises neatly into one simple box, making storage convenient and space economising. In addition, it is designed for easy assembly and tidying up that can be done together by children and parents. Made with Re-board paper (a patented rigid paperboard with a fluted core), all parts of this toy are lightweight and durable. This environmentally friendly material is also non-toxic and safe for children.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Cho Seoyoon, Jo Suhyeon, South Korea