Corporate Identity

Studio MK27

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A doll is the defining design element of this characteristic corporate identity. It was transformed into an image for the company logo and other promotional material. On business cards, the doll is wearing various accessories that show it as different characters, allowing each member of staff to choose an individual character for their personal card. Thanks to a 3D lenticular print technique, the doll’s eyes appear to blink when the card is moved. The visual identity includes various items, all made from quality materials.

  • Client:
    Studio MK27, São Paulo
  • Design:
    superbacana design, São Paulo
  • creative direction:
    Vivian de Cerqueira Leite
  • graphic design:
    Laura Álvares Eggers, Leila Schöntag, Luiza Marçal, Mariana Coelho
  • project management:
    Julia Meirelles
  • production:
    Ricardo Rama Diaz