Pellet Stove

Stûv P-10


Stûv P-10 pellet stove is visually and functionally divided in two: the upper section, which looks like a lantern, contains the combustion chamber and can be rotated, so that heat can be aimed in the desired direction. This also makes it possible to get a good view of the fire at all times. The base unit contains the technical components. This is also where the pellets are stored. Due to its carefully thought-out construction the stove is very quiet in operation and, thanks to CO₂ emissions of 0.001 per cent, it is also environmentally friendly.

  • Manufacturer:
    Stûv S.A., Bois-de-Villers, Belgium
  • In-house design:
    Gérard Pitance

Statement by the Jury

The clever design of the visually divided Stûv P-10 pellet stove emphasises its high level of user-friendly and easy functionality.