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Subway | Red Dot Design Award

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As the market for fast-food restaurants and for consumers has evolved, the design for the Subway brand has been overhauled. The objective was to create a relevant, inspiring expression through the refinement of core visual assets, the creation of new ones, and a cohesive visual identity system. The iconic new system is brought to life across all touch points and has inspired new designs for menus, the website, app, social media, digital ordering and environmental design of the restaurants. Alongside the striking green and yellow colour combination, the redesigned word mark is now more prominent.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Subway, USA
  • Design:
    Turner Duckworth, London / San Francisco / New York, United Kingdom / USA
  • Head of Design:
    David Turner Bruce Duckworth
  • Creative Direction:
    Sarah Moffat Andy Baron
  • Design Team:
    Andy Baron Drew Stocker Amelia Irwin Nicole Jordan Adam Howard Gaston Yagmourian Robert Williams
  • Brand Video:
    Naomie Ross
  • Account Management:
    Wyeth Whiting Susie Kang Poteet Kate Wierman Michelle Farhang
  • Production:
    Craig Snelgrove Michael Scelza Jeff Ensslen Edward Sturtevant Jessica Gullo
  • Implementation:
    Liisa Turan-Walters Josh Michels
  • Industrial Design:
    Piotr Woronkowicz
  • Typography:
    Ian Brignell
Subway | Red Dot Design Award
Subway | Red Dot Design Award