Red Dot Design Award
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Suning AI Smart Alarm Clock

Suning AI Smart Alarm Clock | Red Dot Design Award

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Intelligent voice broadcasts, a TFT display and a physical button control are in­tegrated in this smart alarm clock. The combination of ABS and linen provides this device with its characteristic features. By means of an app it can be controlled by gestures and voice; the screen can be activated and it is even possible to control other devices in the bedroom. In addition, the smart alarm clock makes useful information available, for example a weather report, news or a lexicon; apart from these, over 20 million audio books and programmes, 10 million radio stations and over 800,000 children’s programmes.

Statement by the Jury

The Suning AI Smart Alarm Clock surprises with its many useful, additional services and pleases with its elegant appearance.

Red Dot Design Award