Red Dot Design Award
Kühl- und Gefriertruhen für den Lebensmittelhandel

Supermarket Chiller and Freezer Product Range

Supermarket Chiller and Freezer Product Range | Red Dot Design Award

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These chillers and freezers are characterised by their large, frameless sliding lids, which are made of glass, provide a perfect view of the products and are easy to move. LED light strips illuminate the interior uniformly, which ensures an appealing presentation of the products and thus increases sales. The ergonomic stainless-steel handle guarantees absolute stability even when the sliding lid is frequently opened. An early fault detection system triggers an alarm in the case of errors.

Statement by the Jury

The frameless glass lids of the chillers and freezers create a very generous impression, while the large handle is particularly striking and convenient to use.

Red Dot Design Award