Red Dot Design Award

Surface Collection 101 Ceramic Plate 500x500/1000x1000

Surface Collection 101 Ceramic Plate 500x500/1000x1000 | Red Dot Design Award

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How much poetry is there in a rectangle? The design of Surface Collection 101 Ceramic Plates 500х500, 1000х1000 looks at a simple form in a new light. The 90-degree angle is the most human thing that we have; nature knows no 90-degree angle, except in rare varieties of crystals. But the age of everything-human is nearing its end as we enter the digital era. This is where poetry begins – by translating the mass produced and commonplace of yesterday into pure aesthetics. The horse in the era of cars has become a luxury, and the car itself will be the perfect toy in the world of unmanned electric vehicles. Maybe the last thing we part with is a love for the unnecessary. For example, the blunt, great and obvious yet mysterious rectangle.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Arseny Leonovich, Russian Federation