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The SW with fast electric height adjustment creates a refreshing work environment, since it is suitable as both a traditional desk and conference table. The curved edge reduces pressure on the forearms. When the desktop height is lowered to 72 cm, it automatically stops and then slowly settles to the set height. An optional coloured wall grants privacy and prevents objects from falling off the desk, while a cable that runs through the rear of the desktop into a cable tray prevents, for example, cables tearing. The eco-friendly motor consumes only 0.1 watt in standby mode and has been designed for a long life span of 30,000 height adjustments.

Statement by the Jury

The SW office system scores with its sophisticated construction, which places particular importance on ergonomics as well as convenient operation.

  • Manufacturer:
    Okamura Corporation, Yokohama, Japan
  • In-house design:
    Takayuki Yamamoto