SWIZA Schweizer Messer

SWIZA Swiss Knife

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Swiss knives have been true icons of design for more than one hundred years and are renowned for their high-quality craftsmanship and manifold functions that also fascinate in the outdoor environment. The design of the SWIZA Swiss Knife had to face the difficult task of translating this iconic significance into a contemporary product – by applying a reduction to the essential and thus realising a new design idiom. Making a clear visual statement, the knife features a distinctively modern look. Through the carefully honing of details it fulfils high demands in quality and functionality. Similar to the mechanical system of a clockwork, all components were merged into a highly functional system. The knife showcases the gently curved form of a bow and a slightly convex shaping of the handle scales. It is thus ergonomic and rests well balanced in the hand of users. Thanks to the sophisticated interplay of handle shape and die-cut slots, all individual tools are easily accessible for both left- and right-handed users. Enhanced security is further ensured through an innovative blade-lock system. The design of the SWIZA Swiss Knife successfully manages to pick up on the significance and quality of the famous Swiss knife – the further evolutionary development of the form leads to a product with a sporting appearance that lends itself to an active lifestyle.

Statement by the Jury

The SWIZA Swiss Knife skilfully fuses heritage with inspired design. It boats the familiar characteristics of Swiss knives, yet takes a novel approach. Its design idiom and functionality are well crafted to satisfy the requirements of our time. This knife is ergonomic and lies pleasantly in the hand. The usability of the tools and blades is perfectly thought through. It has a fresh look and emotionalises with its bowed shape.

  • Manufacturer:
    Helvetica Brands SA, Delémont, Switzerland
  • Design:
    estragon, Zürich, Switzerland
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