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SYNC WINDOW | Red Dot Design Award

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A window is an important element that brings the natural environment, including sunlight and wind, into the building and provides a pleasant and comfortable space. Staying in a closed room without a window continuously for a long period causes stress and can lead to mental disorders. There are, however, there are many situations in living environments where there are no windows, or windows that cannot be opened. Such situations are often encountered in hotels or condominiums built too close to each another, meeting rooms that feel closed and oppressive, eating establishments located in basement floors, and hospital rooms. Sync Window combines three technologies – an LED tuned to a frequency that is close to natural light, a small fan that reproduces natural wind, and a speaker that reproduces natural environmental sounds. Together, they express changes, movements, and the passage of time in a scenery projected on the window to create a sense of looking through a real window. Moreover, simply by turning the power on and connecting it to the Internet, the projected scenery can be synchronised to the actual environment outside.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    FUTURE LIFE FACTORY, Design Center, Appliances Company, Panasonic Corporation, Japan
  • Team Lead:
    Usui Shigeo, Uchida Ryota
  • Design:
    Adachi Akihiro, Ino Tomoaki, Kang Hwayoung, Kato Ayumu, Shigeura Tomohiro, Sako Kentaro