Corporate Design


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This work is the corporate design for a tea brand that sells only tea leaves and tea beverages. In order to endorse the image of tea on all products of this brand, a logo was created modelled on the letter “T” and inspired by the typical shape and curling of tea leaves. This logo can be used independently or in conjunction with the various products of the brand. In order to complement the logo, an illustration of the “T” was created that depicts the familiar visual impression of tea leaves being infused in hot water. The letter slowly blurs and infuses just like tea leaves slowly infuse water when brewed. The illustration is employed in many ways: on print ads, on various merchandise articles as well as on the packages. In addition, visitors of the company’s website can directly experience this infusing and blurring of tea and the “T” by using the text input tool. The corporate design thus adopts significant characteristics of tea and turns them into a distinctive and highly aesthetic design. Statement by the jury »This brand identity stands out in particular because it merges two essential aspects into one: on the one hand, it represents a very beautiful and consistently designed graphical implementation of the brand; on the other hand, it is informed by the essence of tea, turning it into a visualisation that people can relate to and understand easily beyond words.«

  • Client:
    University of Seoul
  • Design:
    So Yeon Yu, Seoul