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T60P | Red Dot Design Award

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T60P HiFi-level flat diaphragm earphones have been carefully researched and designed to protect human's hearing health. The embedded smart hearing protection system adopts the latest 'tiny' nanometer-level flat diaphragm technology, which effectively reduces hearing fatigue and injury by 35%. Moreover, its open structure and ultra slim profile exhibit beauty in simplicity. T60P earphones have been programmed with a 'power down memory' function that corrects the length of use to form positive listening habits. Enabled by an embedded chip, all harmful elements to hearing are scientifically calculated and closely controlled, so once the duration of listening and sound pressure breach the acceptable ranges, the sound would be automatically turned down to a safe level. Despite how the flat diaphragm is thinner than a strand of hair, the technology provides musical detail restoration and performs better than conventional earphones to bring out vivid details and full expression of any music. Hence, there is no need for high volume listening. T60P is also equipped with speakers with OBB magnetic reflux technology to produce more vibrant musical sounds. For convenience, T60P adopts a replaceable wire design so that music can be transmitted through Bluetooth or wired connection to fulfil listeners’ diversified listening habits.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Beijing OE Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Wang Hongyu
  • Design:
    Li Xiaoshuang, Liu Jiawei, Cecilia Ma, Sun Nanqian, Wang Hongyan, Wang Hongyu, Wei Bin, Yu Jia, Zhou Pin
T60P | Red Dot Design Award