Red Dot Design Award
Social Media Campaign

Tagesschau – Sag’s mir ins Gesicht!

Tagesschau – Sag’s mir ins Gesicht! | Red Dot Design Award

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The project “Sag’s mir ins Gesicht!” (Say it to my face!) from Germany’s largest public news broadcaster Tagesschau is an initiative against online hate speech. On their social media sites, the editorial team experiences just how much rougher, more brutal and uninhibited the online discussion culture has become. That is why their social media campaign had two goals: to position Tagesschau against online hate speech and improve the discussion culture by creating meaningful dialogue. For the first time, a live experiment on facebook invited haters to confront their victims to repeat what they wrote, whilst looking directly into their eyes. The result was that comments made directly were considerably less hateful.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    ARD-Aktuell, Hamburg, Germany
  • Design:
    LA RED GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
  • Creative Direction:
    Daniel Klose Jan Köpke
  • Concept:
    Hannah Johnson
  • Text:
    Malte Klaedtke
  • Account Management:
    Ilka Klingenberg
  • Technical Direction:
    Kevin Breynck
Tagesschau – Sag’s mir ins Gesicht! | Red Dot Design Award