Pannier Rack and Panniers

Tailfin Carbon Rack and Waterproof Panniers

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Panniers and pannier racks lend themselves to easily turning a bicycle into a true means of transportation. However, they usually do not fit all types of bicycles and backpacks are only suitable for short distances and light loads. With the aim of creating pannier accessories that make riding easier, faster and more enjoyable, the design of this pannier rack and panniers by Tailfin followed a novel approach. This consistently engineered system comprises a pannier rack and two matching waterproof panniers. Made of light carbon material, the pannier rack fascinates users with its dynamic shape and appearance. It is inspired by the aesthetic of contemporary racing bicycles and fits them perfectly. The patent-pending system is both highly functional and ergonomically well thought-out. With a weight of only 650 grams per pannier and 350 grams for the rack, it is easy to use and engineered to fit almost any type of bicycle. As mounting the system is self-explanatory, users can mount it within seconds without the need for any tools. The pannier rack is certified to carry a weight of up to 18 kg (ISO 11243). It thus allows easy and uncomplicated carry-ing of all belongings, including all equipment needed for a weekend trip for example. Convincing in terms of logic and aesthetic design, this system embodies a new concept for a traditional bicycle accessory and exudes a strong impression of lightness and elegance.

Statement by the Jury

The waterproof panniers and pannier mounting rack system by Tailfin incorporates an outstanding solution for the bicycle. It has been crafted towards a consistently high design aesthetic, with all details supporting the concept of lightness and uncompromising user-friendliness. This system fits onto almost all bicycle models – even modern racing bikes. It is fun, has a fresh look and represents a welcome addition to the range of classic bicycle accessories.

  • Manufacturer:
    Tailfin, Bristol, Great Britain
  • In-house design:
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