Gift Set Packaging

Taiwan Centennial Blessing Tea

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The patterns of these tea gift boxes are reminiscent of traditional imagery used in old Chinese architecture to adorn windows and lampshades. The detailed ornaments symbolise hope, wellness and prosperity as well as the joy of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Taiwan. The sophisticated packaging concept consists of an inner box, enveloped by an outer sleeve, containing tea leaves as well as cups. Thanks to its decorative patterning, the outer sleeve can also be used as a lantern. The four different-coloured boxes are packaged together and can be carried with a delicate loop handle.

  • Client:
    Hohoengine Co., Ltd., Taipei
  • Design:
    Hohoengine Co., Ltd., Taipei
  • creative direction:
    Kristy Wen Ho
  • art direction:
    Amone Hsieh