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“tale” is an open-concept and hashtag-based community platform through which the user can communicate without separate registration. Featuring a design with catchy symbols, it offers manifold possibilities for activities and individual searches. Thus, users can easily check which hashtags are most popular, create their own hashtags and communicate with users who share the same interests. Furthermore, the app also provides a picture-editing tool with free drawing and a video, as well as a URL attachment function for writing posts. The homepage of the app offers users additional possibilities, such as posting comments and up/down voting.

  • Design Team:
    Soyoung Kim, Shinhye Lee, Haksun Kim, Youngran Choi, Jeaho Park
  • Client:
    LINE Plus, Seongnam City
  • Project Management:
    Miri Kang
  • Design:
    LINE Plus, Seongnam City