Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

TCL MR5000


The 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging system TCL MR5000 follows a usercentred design approach: the patient on the examination table is at the centre of several concentric circles housing all controls. This enables the medical personnel to always stay close to the patients, so as to communicate with them during the entire examination process. The colour of the two light strips on the outside of the gantry indicates the current operational status of the scanner.

  • Manufacturer:
    TCL Healthcare (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., Wuxi, China
  • Design:
    Shenzhen ND Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Statement by the Jury

The unique design concept of the TCL MR5000, which is based on harmonious circles and lines, gives rise to a very soft and calming impression.