Direct Mailing

Team 2090

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In times of digital photography and e-mail communication, Berlin photographer Darius Ramazani came up with the idea of sending out a printed poster to his clients. The image on the poster is a group photo of four old people, representing “Team 2090”, as a reference to the photographer and his team in the future. Following the amusing instructions, recipients are asked to hang the poster in their offices and send Ramazani a photo of how it looks by mail. This final step is aimed at making clients remember him whenever they need a photographer.

  • Design:
    Jule Roschlau, Berlin
  • Illustration:
    Jule Roschlau
  • Text:
    Paula Hedley, Trend Translations, Cologne
  • Client:
    Darius Ramazani Photography, Berlin
  • Photography:
    Darius Ramazani
  • Creative Direction:
    Darius Ramazani Jule Roschlau