User Interface Design


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Teletype is a message-sending system that includes devices developed to create pleasant emotions in business communication and to assist in connecting clients and agencies. It communicates, for example, a brand’s success in the network and transmits greetings on holidays or agency news. The interface, same as the printing devices and the internal system, is arranged to evoke emotions. It is intuitively understood as a “fun tool”: if a brief text is entered, teletype will immediately type a cute message that is visualised and animated.

  • Account Management:
    Valeria Tsakadze
  • Strategic Planning:
    Roman Havrysh
  • Body Design:
    Object No, Kyiv
  • Design:
    Aimbulance, Kyiv
  • Technical Direction:
    Sasha Prokhorenko
  • Creative Direction:
    Volodymyr Smirnov, Aleksey Maksimenko
  • Client:
    Aimbulance, Kyiv
  • Web Production:
    Winnlab, Kyiv