Interactive Showroom


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How will people communicate in the future? What possibilities will telecommunication tools have to offer? And how can these topics be displayed in an impressive manner? To represent this topic of future communication, an interactive installation including the entire storyboard for the content was designed and produced for the new showroom of Australian telecommunication company Telstra, staging the topic in four thematic clusters: health, business, living and learning. For each area a scenario with a story was created that would illustrate, via voice-overs and special graphic and sound effects, how communication could possibly work in the future. In order to create a multimedia surrounding that visitors find themselves immersed in, the room featured 45 seamless plasma screens from the ceiling almost to the floor. Visitors were invited to retrieve information by interacting either via a centrally placed holo terminal or directly via the multi-touch functionality of the 270-degree plasma-wall. Statement by the jury »This multimedia showroom, tiled with seamless plasma screens, invites visitors to immerse themselves and explore various future communication scenarios with all their senses. Allowing even several users to change parameters simultaneously, thanks to multi-user functionality, enhances the fun aspect and further piques curiosity concerning the various simulation scenarios, thus rendering a vivid impression of dynamic communication processes.«

  • Client:
    Telstra, Melbourne
  • Design:
    stereolize. GmbH, Munich