Red Dot Design Award

The Biomimetic Interbody Fusion Device

The Biomimetic Interbody Fusion Device | Red Dot Design Award

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Our skeletons give our bodies structural stability through a framework of compact bone and cartilage. However, our bones do more than bear weight – their anatomy also ensures mobility. A bone’s core is made up of cancellous bone, which has sponge-like open spaces within that lessen overall weight and make it easier for our muscles to move them. The porosity of cancellous bone varies from person to person, and traditional devices can weaken surrounding bones if they’re stronger than the patients’ own bones. With a combination of titanium-based glass metal and advances in 3D printing technology, this device can be customised to match the exact porosity of patients’ bones. Its latticed structure also encourages the growth of real bone tissue, enhancing vertebrae fusion.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Chen Sheng-Yu, Yang Tsung-Lin, Taiwan