The Dash – Truly Wireless Smart Earphones


The Dash are wireless smart earphones controlled either by gestures via the EarTouch interface or by using the free Bragi app. As this innovation sets a new standard for interacting with technology, the packaging is critical for guiding customers through their first use of the product. It opens like a book, each page displaying product use illustrations. With each turn of the page, a new step or feature is revealed. Printed on an entirely black background, the text and the illustrations have a distinctive effect. A trendy blue, as a contrasting colour, completes the concept.

  • Creative Direction:
    Matthias Lackus, Arne Loermann
  • Design:
    Bragi GmbH, Munich
  • Graphic Design:
    Elisabeth Wagner, Katja Riley
  • Client:
    Bragi GmbH, Munich