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The Detourist 100 | Red Dot Design Award

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The Brand Report, which was published as an independent feuilleton section in the Kuoni Annual Report 2010, served as the basis for the “The Detourist 100” website, which aims to initiate a larger debate about the future of travel and to present important theories and perspectives on this topic. It therefore extracted 100 key ideas featured in the Brand Report, which aims to both give insights into the intellectual debates of the company on the culture of travelling and bring together differing opinions of notable authors and thinkers. These ideas were complemented by 100 photos of people, cities and landscapes worldwide which, when clicked on, activate short clips accompanying these quotations as well as links to the complete articles, “leave comment” fields and links to Facebook and Twitter. Users are thus invited to take part in an open and engaging discourse about the future of travel via user-friendly navigation and pictures that immediately evoke associations with travel. Statement by the jury »The website accompanying the Kuoni Annual Report 2010 is an excellent example of how content defines effectiveness. This should be a standard rule in all designs which – if not complied with – renders such designs meaningless. The inspiring content is narrated via different channels – images, texts and sound – and visualised through an unusual naviga-tion in a consistent and sensitive way.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd. chief branding & marketing officer Remo Masala project management Lucia Tallo
  • Design:
    Wolfgang Scheppe
  • creative direction:
    Wolfgang Scheppe
  • concept:
    Remo Masala, Kuoni; Thomas Steinfeld, Wolfgang Scheppe