Art Installation

The Fading Past

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This art installation focuses on the transience of the past. It differentiates between a life lived offline and one lived online. The former focuses on e.g. actual meetings with people. In contrast, the life dominated by online activities is characterised by negative aspects such as the degradation of nature. Narrow paths guide visitors through the art installation like through a labyrinth that consists of transparent fabric banners. These only make it possible to see shadowy outlines of things – just like treasured memories are hazy and fleeting.

Statement by the Jury

The appeal of the exceptional design of The Fading Past art installation lies in its multifaceted play with transparency that only provides a fleeting glimpse of things.

  • Client:
    Shenzhen Tiangongdangdai Culture Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China
  • Design:
    Deve Build, Shenzhen, China