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The first mark

The first mark | Red Dot Design Award

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It is said in the arts that the first brush stroke defines the work. What happens after that has its own momentum. This recruitment film also centres on the idea of the first brush stroke as the first stroke of a signature and the starting point of a professional career. It thus emphasises the career entry as an important mark that sets the course of personal future development. The film draws a parallel to the art world by showing an artist drawing the first stroke on a canvas and elaborating it into a beautiful, richly detailed landscape. Meanwhile, a voice-over is talking about the life of a passionate artist, actively creating an environment that allows him to tap into his skills and unleash the courage to think out of the box. The idea of the artist that people may view the world with slightly different eyes owing to their work and unmistakable signature is equally important for a work of art as it is for somebody’s lifework. The film thus elegantly and entertainingly closes the circle from the arts to the inspiring and satisfying work of a consultant. Statement by the jury »The outstanding achievement of this film is that it conveys its content through a metaphor and communicates the challenge and high demands of a company by analogy to the art of painting. The skilfully realised film promotes thinking outside the box – as a requirement to its future employees.«

  • Client:
    McKinsey & Company, Inc., Munich
  • Design:
    Heimat Werbeagentur GmbH, Berlin
  • head of marketing:
    Dr. Fabian Hieronimus
  • creative direction:
    Ole Vinck, Ove Gley
  • film production:
    Pixelbutik by Deli Pictures
  • film direction:
    Deli Sounds
The first mark | Red Dot Design Award
The first mark | Red Dot Design Award
The first mark | Red Dot Design Award
The first mark | Red Dot Design Award
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